The Silence and Nothing

The Silence, and Nothing ...

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  • They Are Only Me
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  • Welcome Home
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  • Ashes Of My Pity
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  • As I Descend...
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  • ...Like A Thousand Thin Black Tears
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  • The Silence, And Nothing ...
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  • An Ode To Passion

They Are Only Me

It's all over now
I no longer need to do this to myself
It's all far behind now... so far
Never had I felt so fulfilled
Not in here
I've teared myself appart from every piece of self that held me back
Never had I felt so fulfilled
Not in here
This simplicity pleading against me
That sudden awakening that drew my monstrous portrait
They're all false
I've let them bloom
Patient, rooted and cruel
Guilty to the bone
And it would have taken an eternity of lies
An endless masquerade
So I could convince them they're only Me

Welcome Home

I drift into an absolute silence
As life pulls me out of void
At ease... peace
At last I can see beyond the play of my imagination
I see the world
I feel its graze... Such a long time
...I am alive...
Myself again
This undermined
I'm alive
Welcome to the brightest space there is
With its jaw wide open
Welcome to the brightest space there is
This desert awaits the drippings of your sickened soul
Feed it with your blackest dementia
Revel !
Revel !

Ashes of My Pity

He's gone
With every bit of guilt left in me
The fool
Nothing can ever hold me here anymore
They'll never hold me again
I'm a total stranger, a perfect stranger
He's gone
With every bit of guilt left in me
I'm not theone they've sentenced
I'm a total stranger,a perfect stranger
In fact... I don't even exist...
He's gone
He's gone thinking he was smart
So certain I was beat and left to die
Even these walls have fallen
Who could face me now ?
None shall stand before me
Who could face me now ?
Your arrogance has served me well
Engraved on my mouth...
...stretches my lips... becomes my smile
You madman
Onwards again to a nameles hell
He'll be granted another illusion of freedom
The fool
I deserve to burn for another thousand lives
For damning such a weakling
Let him burn with the ashes of my pity
My freedom is too good

As I Descend

My wings are burning !
The earth drags me with all its might !
My broken fingers wish for a helping hand
But there is nothing, no hope at all !
My fall's blazing trail is all I see
I refuse to look at what awaits me below
Much too frightening to see
As the ground gets closer... I feel it stronger
Soon there will be nothing left of my wings
Nothing I can do, my arm's set ablaze
I'm a human torch now
Dark, at the heart of a fire shower
A spark in the distance hurling into a definite hell
I can hear those terrorized cries...
I recognize them... They're mine!
Mine !
There are so many... Storms and floods of cries
A curtain of sadness hiding...
NO !
This thundering irony...
Still ringing

... Into Storms of Cries ...

Into the void my spirit is longing
And the history repeats itself
I'm back on this hill again
With all the self-dwellers
These faces... I don't see them
In truth, I see nothing and no one
But I can imagine them
...I see them now...
They walk their eyes empty...
They are a blinding number
No... they are not
Rain of ashes falls,thin rain smears my face
Black rain too soon swallowed
As my tears melt into the rain
My cry melts into theirs
A kind of music I've heard too much
Still the same
Hatred fills my sky...
Anger growls and shakes... Nothing
I fall on my knees
... My freedom is too good ...

... Like A Thousand Thin Black Tears

If I had eyes
His pathetic illusion would burn them
He has fallen, I arise
Born from ashes again
Soon I will leave here
I arise,proud,towards universe
Free, at the sight of the first thread of light
I can feel it
Shimmers in pitch black...
At last... light
All around me... it's glowing out of me !
Escaping from my shadow
My soul leaves this underworld burning
It's burning
My soul is torn appart!It's all I have left !
My last hope is being consumed again!
...And I fall...
...I rain...
Like a thousand thin black tears

The Silence, and Nothing ...

I get what I deserve
My sentence is fair
Guilty of the universe's destruction
Long ago,my body and soul had vanished along
...Much more that I could ever remember
Those words are all that's left

An Ode to Passion

I have to believe in a world outside of my own mind
I have to believe that my actions still have meaning
Even if I can't remember them
I have to believe that when my eyes are closed
The world's still here
Do I believe the world's still here ?
Is it still out there ?
All I have in common with the uncontrollable and the insane
The vicious and the evil
All the mayhem I have caused
And my utter indifference toward it
I have now surpassed
My pain is constant and sharp
And i do not hope for a better world for anyone
In fact I want my pain to be inflicted on others
I want no one to escape
But even after admitting this
There is no catharsis
My punishment continues to elude me
No new knowledge can be extracted from my telling
This confession has meant nothing
We all need memories to remind ourselve who we are
I'm no different.